What We Do

We are committed to creating sustainable jobs and businesses, and enhancing and improving rural Mid and East Antrim.

A Brief

Mid and East Antrim Local Action Group manages the delivery of grant funding from the Northern Ireland Rural Development Programme (2014-2020).

The Programme is jointly funded by DARD and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. It seeks to:

  • Protect and enhance our rural environment; and
  • Contribute to competitive and sustainable rural businesses, and thriving rural communities.

The Programme will assist in the development of rural economies and create jobs in the Mid and East Antrim area. The funding is open to those people and organisations operating or living in the countryside or settlements with a population of less than 5000.

The Programme aims to:

  • Increase economic activity and employment rates through encouraging and supporting the creation and development of micro and small enterprises, including onfarm diversification into non-agricultural activities and private tourism provision
  • Implement and maintain the living conditions and welfare of rural dwellers through the provision of more and better basic services.
  • Regenerate villages and surrounding areas by improving their economic prospects and quality of life.
  • Provide community based solutions for broadband blackspots in rural areas.

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Local Action
Group (LAG)

The Mid and East Antrim area has been allocated £4.19 million of Rural Development Programme funds for the period up to the end of 2020. It has established the following strategic aim.

We will:
Create sustainable jobs and businesses. Enhance rural services and infrastructure; and Improve the village and rural environment for those people who live, work and enjoy the Mid and East Antrim rural area.

Mid and East Antrim Local Action Group have consulted with community stakeholders to establish the best approach for the delivery of RDP funding. This “bottom-up”, locally based method will ensure that the available funds are distributed optimally.

If you live or operate a business/social enterprise or are a community group, within the Mid and East Antrim area and have a project in mind, we encourage you to read the information on the website and contact us if you have any queries.

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Our LAG Board is the executive group
charged with the assessment and delivery
of the Rural Development Programme

Its role is to:
  • Implement the programme;
  • Decide on applications;
  • Ensure that the profile of the programme is high; and
  • Deliver our agreed strategic aim.

The LAG Board members work on a voluntary basis.

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Our wider LAG is a community of people with an interest in the local area. The wider LAG’s role is to guide the overall strategy and progress of the programme. The wider LAG may also be involved in assessment panels, thematic groups, networking and so on.

There are currently 15 wider LAG members; each of whom works, lives or has a demonstrable interest in the Mid and East Antrim area.

Membership of the Wider LAG is ongoing throughout the programme. This will be advertised via our website and in the local press.  Alternatively you can contact us to register your interest.

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